My name is Margie Sheehan and I have been a Decorative Painter for many years. I started to paint for my own enjoyment but it wasn’t long before I was selling my pieces at craft fairs and home parties. I never would have believed it would lead me to where I am today. Teaching in my own Studio!

But here I am, day after day, doing what I love most and, hopefully, passing this joy on to others. It is so rewarding to see my students get so excited about their accomplishments. The classes are filled with great conversations, much laughter and sharing, and friendships are born that will last a lifetime. The coffeepot is always ready and sometimes a treat or two.

I have been teaching for about ten years and at my present location for almost seven years. Many of my original students are still painting with me today. I offer an ‘open style’ technique of teaching because my goal is to give each painter individual attention and let them progress at their own speed and ability. Painting is a great way to relax and to do something just for you for a couple of hours each week.

I invite you to please come in to see the new projects I have scheduled.

Join our fun!

Member, Society of Decorative Painters

Margie’s Decorative Painting Studio• 112A East Broadway, No. Salem, NH 03073 • 603-898-2092
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